Experiences that Set you Apart

Helping organizations build strength from within.

Pursue your passion with purpose and your purpose with passion.

Our purpose and our passion is the belief that great experiences are what separates successful organizations from the rest. 

We chose the the name Heartwood because during a family vacation to Yosemite National Park, our founder, Jeff, heard a park ranger talk about the role a tree’s heartwood plays in helping sustain the tree.  The heartwood is the center of the trunk, the core. It provides the tree strength and can help it stand firm against fires, storms, disease and even invasive creatures. 

We feel this heartwood exists in organizations too. The heartwood of an organization is its people, its culture and its brand. These are the things that can help sustain organizations through bad times and thrive in good times. 

What we Believe – Strength comes from within.

  1. We believe that in good and bad times the experiences we deliver define us and give us strength. Feeling equipped, empowered and encouraged to deliver great experiences can be very motivating to employee’s and can be a source of pride when the people we serve acknowledge that experience or show their appreciation.
  2. We believe in building experiences with purpose and for results. Great experiences do not just happen. They happen because they are directly and indirectly planned – intentionally and consistently. 

Whether you serve students, patients, customers, volunteers, employee’s, clients, members, or partners  – the reality is that everyone we serve wants a good experience. Data shows people will spend or donate more and go out of their way if they know someone will give them an experience that makes them feel valued. Employee’s are the same – if they feel more connected, more involved with the mission, decision-making and audience they serve they will be happier, more engaged and more productive.

By raising the bar on the experiences we deliver we are trying to make a positive change in the world we live and work in.

The Heartwood Team

Jeff A. - Customer centric leader with more than 25 years in marketing, CX, employee communications, brand management and copywriting experience.
Gail F. - Experienced leader with more than 20 years of nonprofit management, project manager, content development and writing experience. ICF certified PCC coach and Enneagram practitioner. Storyteller who gets to the heart of messaging. Highly organized creative problem solver.
Sean M. - Entreprenuer, marketing professional, speaker, leader specializing in UX, web design, coding and performance analysis.