Brand experience alignment

Make sure the experience you deliver matches the brand you are building.


Most Important Thing Your Organization Can Do To Be Successful

Stop wasting your money on brand advertising until you are sure you are delivering on the brand you want. If the experience you are delivering to your audience (internally and externally) is not consistent with what you want your brand to say about you then you are losing money, employee commitment and future success.

Brand Experience Alignment

Save time, save money, create more loyalty from employees and your target audience. Identify the brand experience drivers specific to your organization and get all employee’s moving, intentionally and consistently in the same direction.  

Every organization knows what they want to be known for, but most organizations do not understand the best way to gain and sustain that reputation. It’s not advertising or direct marketing – while those are important communication channels, those should come later. To know what your next steps should be please take a little time and answer these seven questions:

  1. What do we want our employee to say and/or feel about our brand?
  2. What do employees actually say or feel about our brand?
  3. What do we want our target audience(s) to say and/or feel about our brand?
  4. What do our target audience(s) actually say or feel about our brand?
  5. How does the experience we deliver support our brand?
  6. Are what customers experiencing consistent with the reputation we want?
  7. Can every employee articulate the hallmarks of our brand and how they are consistently brought to life  through our people, systems, processes?   

If these questions were easy to answer and you are happy with your answers to these questions – CONGRATULATIONS!! You are ahead of 99% of organizations. 

If want guidance or help in answering these questions, we can help.

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